Wednesday, September 1, 2010

going, going... gone?

I'm in The Salt Lake City airport now, which means I've officially left the nest.
I can't say the flight was particularly exciting - the highlight was waking up just in time to get the cookies. But I didn't sob through the entire trip, so that's good..
My friends (and my dear mommy) came to the airport with me. Let me tell you, I've got the best ones in the whole world. Sorry for hogging them. :)

Yesterday, I was totally freaking out. Like, I'd be packing, and walk by the bathroom, and think, "oh my gosh, I have to pack enough hair-ties for five months. That's how long I'm going to be gone." (I also just remembered that I only brought two. With my track record for losing things, we'll see how long those last...) And then, I'd shuffle over to my mom's room and cry on her shoulder for a while. My tear ducts are still malfunctioning from crying so much - my eyes start watering for no reason like, every 3 minutes.

So, yeah, I cried a lot yesterday -  but I'm starting to remember why I was so glad to be able to go. I know I'm going to learn so much - not just about speaking french, but about being confident and assertive and leader-ly and outgoing and eating vegetables and all sorts of other wonderful things. :)
I'm beginning my adventure, and I haven't really realized it yet. LAst night, I had a better grasp on it, but right now, my mind hasn't really caught up with what's going on. Which is probably just as well, seeing what a mess I was yesterday...

Anyway, I plan on posting again at some point during the orientation.
Sorry if these posts kinda drag on, but until I really learn the art of journal-keeping, that's kind of what this is gonna be. :)
à bientôt!


p.s. picture! :D this is my lycée. (sorry, it's the best picture i can find...)

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