Tuesday, November 2, 2010

those magic chaaaanges...

1) that song has been stuck in my head today
2) there really have been a lot of changes since my last post!

so - i'm in rennes, again. i left, but now i'm back.
long story short, i'm no longer an AFS-er (sad), but i'm still here, and still gonna finish out at least my semester here (happy!).
i'm staying with the letorts, a really awesome family that lives here in rennes.
they have three kids  - antonin, who's five, lucie, who's ten, and valentin, who's fifteen.
i'm going to lycée st martin, which is so pretty, and i'm in a class of about 15 people, which is nice. miranda's also in my class - she's another american here, and also a redhead! what a happy coincidence. :) she's spunky and fun and awesome.
we're in the same class, so i get to not be alone, and i get to help her when she doesn't understand.
it's really cool how i'm starting to actually understand the majority of what people are saying!
i'm confident enough in my language skills to put french down as a language i speak fluently on my BYU app. :)
oh, yeah. applying to college from a foreign country is even more awful than trying to do it from home.
j'ai la flemme! (also a very handy expression)
i'm getting even better at procrastination now that i'm here. i mean, there are better things to do than continue to further my education. like eating pastries. definitely a worthy substitute...
especially after this weekend (vacay), my eating habits are... not what they should be.
we went to le havre this weekend and stayed with delphine's mom. it was really great. :) it's kind of hard here sometimes to feel like i'm not totally crashing the party of their lives, especially when it comes to family time. but i just felt really.. belonging. :)
it's really hard to think about leaving. i mean, i miss home. i miss a lot of things about home. i miss people at home. but there are so many things here i know i'll miss. my bus pass, having to really think before i speak, breaking cultural barriers every day, facilitating world peace when i participate in class, you know...
really, though, it's cool to feel like i'm doing something important here. everything is coming together all at once, and it's really overwhelming, but i love it.
my language is really taking off, so i can have real conversations and actually explain things - so when people ask me about america and why it's different, i can answer. i'm really getting to dig in and learn about the culture- it's like the initial "i'm in france!" shock has worn off, so now i can look around and see what makes it france. and i'm starting to really be at home at home, too.
poof! all of a sudden i'm living this french life and i don't want to think about it ending.

anyway, that's all for now, but i really am going to be posting more often.
for serious. :)

à bientôt!

p.s. pictures! :D

the perfect strawberry, and xenia. :)

all french children are adorable. proof.

tomato picking!


antonin :D
this is what happens when young children stay up too late.

au havre

falaises à etretat

etretat :)

le mont st. michel

in le mont st. michel :)

"oh my goodness! the sun is on these fields but not those ones over there!"
yeah, it's pretty. :)

hailstorm! :D

le parc thabor

a rainbow over the train station on our way to school :)


  1. Dear Katie,
    I want to congratulate you on your incredible maturity and artistic talents I can see by the pictures on your blog.
    My daughter is interested in spending a semester in France and I was hoping you could give us some guidance and suggestions to follow up on this.
    I am on facebook, if you have time, please send us a message.
    We live in Tucson, AZ.
    Thank you and best wishes for the holiday season!
    Giovanna Neville

  2. I love your pictures! they are amazing..What kind of camera do you have??
    I am going to france next semester on exchange and I need to purchase a new camera before I leave and was wondering what kind to get
    Thanks ! :)